The Championships will be conducted on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th September 2018


Goat Farm Park, Greenmount Rise, Midland. 


Thursday: Practise Day, XCO track orientation and Primary School Challenge. 

Friday: Smarter than Smoking 2018 WA Schools MTB Championships.

How to Enter 

Enter through the "Enter" tab. All event conditions and information available from Rock and Roll Mountain Biking. For an information pack please email

  1. Nominate Teams or Solo entries and enter through MTBA website. Before entering you will need participants personal details (name of rider, year group, team names, parent permission and medical info.) Please note: this year MTBA is covering all insurance for riders so riders don't require a MTBA membership or day licence.
  2. A school representative must complete the registrations. Complete the entry conditions and Parent/ Guardian Waiver form and Nominate a delegate form all available from
  3. For large school entries please fill in one of the below forms: 
  • Primary school form HERE 
  • High school form HERE


$15 per rider or $45 per team for Senior Schools and $6 per rider or $18 per team for Primary Schools. If you are entering a large team for 10 or more students please email and you can use an excel sheet and an invoice created for payment. Entries close Tuesday 31st August 2018. 

Race Conditions

  • The race format is a cross country (XCO) team event. Each event will be a mass start event. Each rider completes the required number of laps, with the rider's place determining the points he or she gains. 
  • The team with the highest total number will be the winner. Second highest points will be second and so on. 
  • A team, must have three (3) riders, you can enter all boys, all girls or mixed teams. 
  • Each member within a team MUST be from the same school, and each team member must be in the correct year for that category. 
  • The team rider must complete in the current year they are attending at school, there are no age categories, only school year categories. 
  • Students from a lower year category may race in one of the higher school categories, but NO student will be allowed to race down a year category. 
  • Students are able to race more than one race event during the day, as long as they meet the above conditions. 
  • Three (3) year group categories will be catered for, each with a male/female/mixed sub-categories. The group categories are as follows: 
    • Primary School: Years 3 to 6.
    • Junior High: Years 7 and 8 
    • Middle High: Years 9 and 10
    • Senior High: Years 11 and 12 
  • Students from Year 6 will be allowed to race in a Junior High team, as long as they attend the same parent school. 
  • Students from a school with insufficient numbers to form their own team can enter an individual rider to race. They can race for an overall place, but as they will not meet the team conditions, the school will therefore not place in the team event. 
  • The courses will be set to be interesting and challenging for a wide range of fitness and skill levels. 

Race Laps and Times 

To protect the junior riders MTBA has strict maximum riding time regulations in place. Each event must comply with MTBA rules, event organisers are required to meet these rules, thus limit will be enforced, thus each event will have a cut off time. After this time the race will finish, any riders still on course will be given a finishing place and will have been deemed to have completed the race. 

  • Primary School- approximately 25 minutes and unlimited laps
  • Junior High- approximately 3-4km and 45-60 minutes 
  • Middle High- approximately 3-4km and 50-65 minutes 
  • Senior High- approximately 6-7km and 60-75 minutes 


Supervision of students is the responsibility of participating schools. A teacher or coach from each school must be at the race event site supervising students not on the course for the duration of the event. A ratio of 1 to 20 students is NOT to be exceeded. Parents or guardians (delegates) can be nominated during the registration process to be the team manager and be responsible for the team riders for the duration of the day. 

A delegate is a person authorised by the school as their official supervisor at the event. Allowing a delegate is to assist schools unable to release staff for this event. A delegate authorised by the school may take the place of a teacher or coach at the school's discretion. If required, Working with Children Checks for the delegate is the responsibility of the participating school. 


All riders are covered by MTBA insurance under the mass participation entry, All students riding in the event will be covered for public liability and disabling injuries under the MTBA insurance scheme, details of which can be found on the MTBA website. 

Risk Assessment 

Find the risk assessment form for schools HERE